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Will Cloud Computing be a $100 Billion Market

November 16th, 2008 Comments off

Do you think Cloud Computing will hit $100 billion? When? Merrill Lynch thinks it will pass $100 billion and by 2011 it will be worth $160 billion in combined business value and advertising. They also expect that cloud computing will be the next wave of investment for venture capitalists.

Merill Lynch figures right now that 10 companies are the big boys. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. They see VMWare and Citrix as major players which I don’t quite see. They own the vitalization market but cloud computing is a lot more that virtual servers. What they both need to is develop the next generation private cloud offering. That’s where I see the the Fortune 1000 going.

The article has a quote from author Nick Carr. He wrote the Big Switch which is about utility computing.

“I think for a lot of the traditional companies whether it is software companies like Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, or hardware companies like Dell or EMC, it’s going to be a very tough transition to go from the old world to the new world.”

I have to agree with that. I think Microsoft is more on the ball on this one than any of the others mentioned. They’re working on Mesh, SDDS and the Office Live stuff. Oracle can’t even figure out how to license for a VM much less for the cloud. EMC started a move with Mozy. I can see EMC partner with someone like Akamai and put out a second generation cloud. Dell will be hurting.

All I know is that the next few years will be very interesting in this space. I’m just hoping I will be able to stay in it. Job changes might be moving me back to a pure Oracle world (which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just not the next big thing).

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Cloud Tools: Cloud Studio

November 12th, 2008 Comments off

Amazon ships a handful of tools to use EC2 and S3. There are some freely downloaded scripts that make life a bit easier. Personally, I want to use a GUI. I use SSH enough when I connect remotely. If I’m in Windows, I want a windows tool.

Today I downloaded Cloud Studio from Cloud Services, Ltd. Cloud Studio is an free S3 browser with a little bit of EC2 support. It’s a version 1.0 product so you can’t expect too much. According to the site:

Cloud Studio is a visual tool designed to make the development of applications for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) more convenient. Developers (or someone responsible for applications deployment) can effortlessly create and destroy instances, manage security groups, keypairs, and allocate and assign IP addresses.

User can choose to run Cloud Studio as a traditional standalone application, or to use it as an extension to Eclipse IDE, which is currently one of the most widely used application development environments featuring support for Java, C/C++, PHP, and other programming languages.

The interface is extremely easy to use. It has a three pane window. Upper left is an AMI browser, upper right is a pane with a set of tabs showing configuration information. The bottom pane is the most useful with an instance monitor, an S3 browser and a progress tab (that shows outstanding tasks).

The instance monitor show any currently running instances. If you right click on an instance, you can terminate or reboot it. You can also associate an elastic IP to the instance.

The S3 browser is the most functional in the program. At the right is a drop down list and a series of icons. The drop down list lets you select a top level bucket. The icons, in order, allow you to get file properties, create a new bucket, delete a bucket, upload a file and refresh the screen. The final two icons are on all the panes and allow you to minimize or maximize a pane. If you right click on a file, you can choose to download the file.

That’s about it. It’s a very simple program but it does exactly what it advertises to do. I like it. I’ll be trying other tools as I find them but for now, Cloud Studio is a part of my cloud computing toolbox.


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