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Does Flexiscale Still Exist?

December 20th, 2008

I am checking out some of the lesser known (to me at least) cloud computing providers. I ran across Flexiscale. It looks promising. It’s related to xcalibre, a web hosting provider. Flexiscale is run by the same people who founded xcalibre. It looks like it is run out of Scotland and the only pricing I can find is in pounds (and pence).

The sign up form is still working, as is the rest of the site. I wonder about their viability though as the latest blog entry is October 16, 2008. The only recent activity I can find in the forums is spam. A forum with uncontrolled spam is usually a sign of the dead pool. To tie it all up, the latest news flash is dated April 2008.

Other than that, the pricing does not look unreasonable. They even offer http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/strattera/ Windows. Firewalling is an extra cost (which is just kind of weird).

I used the contact form to ask if they are still in business. I guess if I hear from them, I might give the service a try out. I got an automated reply from xcalibre. Not a good sign. Maybe business was so bad that flexiscale got sucked back into xcalibre? I will post an update if I hear anything.

I did do a google search and it looks like flexiscale had some major issues with outages back in the August and October time frames. However, I found an entry as recently as Nov 2008 about rightscale having an interface to Flexiscale. Oh well, I’ll just wait and see what kind of response, if any, I get.


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