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December 30th, 2008

People frequently ask me about cloud examples and success stories. Of course, the biggest success story has to be Animoto on RightScale.

On April 14, 2008, Animoto launched a Facebook plugin for their Rails application where users create music videos with photos and music of their choice. Its instant popularity forced them to scale up the number of application and worker servers at an unprecendented rate in just a few days. They were also able to easily scale down their deployment after the initial traffic spike was over. Animoto satisfied each request and only paid for the EC2 instances that they used.

AWS just posted an example of a site that has switched entirely to AWS. 100% on Amazon Web Services: Soocial.com

Soocial.com is an address http://healthsavy.com/product/priligy/ book on steroids. It works with (or will work with soon): outlook, blackberry, gmail, mac address book and other phones. They just need to add Yahoo and Windows Contacts.

The architecture seems to be EC2 with EBS and RabbitMQ for messaging. Interestingly enough, they are running PostgreSQL and pgpool II as the database. They are sharding (server partitioning) the data for scalability. They are also using snapshots for backups. Nice.

I still haven’t found anyone relying on SimpleDB (or any other eventually consistent database) for anything beyond catalogs. I’d be curious as to why they chose RabbitMQ instead of SQS. I guess you could say that are really 65% AWS. 😉


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