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Amazon Web Services S3 – Part 1: Intro to the Simple Storage Service (S3)

March 15th, 2009

Simple Storage Service (S3)

The AWS S3 service is an API driven storage service. The API provides get, put and delete. Data is stored using a bucket concept that is not unlike directories and sub-directories. A bucket can hold one or more buckets and one or more objects (i.e. files). You can nest buckets as many levels deep as required by your application or other needs. Objects can be up to 5GB per and you can store an unlimited number of objects.

At the top level is a global bucket. All S3 accounts share the global bucket. Your buckets can be located in North http://healthsavy.com/product/prednisone/ America or in Europe. Any objects created within that bucket will exist in the bucket’s regional location.

Access to objects is via HTTP, SOAP or REST, and via BitTorrent. Amazon plans additional interfaces over time. You can find third party Java libraries as well as libraries for other languages.

S3 was designed to be fast, scalable and simple. It is everything they wanted it to be. While it might seem to be limited in scope, it does provide very scalable and cheap storage for the masses.

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