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Using and Managing Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Part 1

April 28th, 2009

Using and Managing Amazon Web Services (AWS)

I personally believe that AWS is perfect for any development and testing environment. Regardless of how sensitive your data is, you can build your applications and test them in a cloud environment using bogus data.

For production environments, the choice is much harder. Does the country(ies) you operate in have strict privacy, or data on-shoring, laws that would be impact your applications? If you can easily offshore your applications, you can easily use cloud computing.

Does the area where you work have reliable infrastructure? It doesn’t matter if Amazon has 99.99% uptime if your provider is down 50% of the time. You can easily use something like replication and keep a copy of your application’s data within your own data center but if you make that investment, do you really want to run anything in the cloud.

My suggestion to get started would be to use AWS to host a development effort first. Get comfortable with the quirks and gotchas of remote applications. Familiarize http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/tramadol/ yourself with the additional security you will need when running in the cloud. Look at encrypting your data on disk. Amazon will encrypt the data as it travels over the wire.

The need for system administrators and DBAs does not go away by moving to the cloud. It really doesn’t change their jobs much at all. Most modern admins rarely touch the hardware directly anymore, anyway.

Once you’ve decided that it is for you and you have chosen your pilot project, you will need to take the actions described below.

A note to remember as you are working through this book. You only pay for what you use. When you run an instance, you pay for the CPU time that you use. When you use S3 or EBS, you pay for storage (and bandwidth in S3). You pay for Elastic IPs only if you allocate one and don’t attach it to a running instance.

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