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Using and Managing AWS – Part 2: Signup for AWS

April 30th, 2009

Sign Up For AWS

First things first, if you don’t have an Amazon.com account, go get one. If you do have one, you can use the one you already have. Amazon offers personal and corporate accounts. A person may have both accounts and can choose which to use when purchasing items.

It also may make sense that all employees have a business only account that uses their work email to log into the service. That way you never have an issue where purchases or billing can go to the wrong place.

Or, you may do like I have done in the past, put all expenses on a personal card and expense them back to the company. It’s a little bit more paperwork, but it keeps it open to what already works for both you and your employees.

If you are a developer, the choice is a bit easier, just sign up using whatever card you like.

Once you have your Amazon account, you will need to sign up for AWS. Currently, the menu option to do this is in the menu structure at the left of the screen, below Business Services. It’s called For Developers.


Don’t get stuck on the particular menu item. It will change over time, I’m sure. You can get to the right http://healthsavy.com/product/doxycycline/ page by navigating to AWS.AMAZON.COM. From this screen, choose Sign Up Now or Create an Account.

Once you have chosen to sign up, you will need to enter several pages on information. These are very common sense questions like: your name, your email address, your company name and web site, and some credit card information. Your credit card will be billed monthly for the amount of services used. If you don’t use any services, you shouldn’t get billed.

You will also have to agree to the Amazon AWS agreement. This is a multi-page agreement that you must agree to before you can use the services. I’m not a lawyer so I won’t council you on this. This is a legally binding contract though, so you may want your lawyer to take a look at it beforehand.

You can navigate around the AWS pages on Amazon.com via the menu on the right side of the screen (which is not available on all the screens) or via the top, drop down menu.


Once you are signed up, you can choose the various services that you want to use. At a minimum, you should sign up for EC2, S3 and SQS.

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