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Amazon Web Services Export/Import

May 21st, 2009

Amazon is offering an exceptionally cool new feature called “AWS Import/Export”. Basically, you ship amazon your USB or eSata device and amazon will plug it into their hardware and load it.

With terabyte datasets becoming the norm, and petabyte on the way, I knew Amazon would eventually address this in some way. They did it faster than I thought they would.

You’ll pay per device and per load hour in addition to normal S3 storage and calls. You won’t pay any transfer http://healthsavy.com/product/celexa/ fees.

This will be huge for people who want to make large data sets available (internally or externally for pay) and for CDN users.

The import feature requires some advance coordination with Amazon but BucketExplorer and S3Fox already support it.

Export is TBD but I imagine you’ll send them a device and manifest and they’ll offload the bucket for you.

Read the rest of the details on the amazon blog: AWS Import/Export: Ship Us That Disk!.


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