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Make your Site Faster with Amazon S3 and a CDN

February 28th, 2013

Improve Site Performance

Are you looking for a good way to speed your website up and save money at the same time? If so, you may consider using Amazon S3 with a CDN (Content Delivery Network).  Both of these services use distributed servers to reduce latency and load time.  The Amazon S3 service works as hosting for your websites data, while the CDN caches that data on servers throughout the world to allow for fast access to the sites files, regardless of location.

Faster File Storage

Amazon S3 is the file storage solution that Amazon uses for its own site, which receives amake your site faster with amazon s3n enormous amount of traffic each day.  A greater number of servers allows for more visitors to access a site at the same time.  This is great, especially for those who are located somewhere near the region of the Amazon servers.  But for those people accessing the site from abroad, there may be a bit more latency and a bit less responsiveness from the site.

Worldwide Content Distribution

The way to ensure that data is delivered fast to anyone and everyone is to use a content deliver network to cache files on servers worldwide.  Instead of every http://healthsavy.com/product/levaquin/ single request going through the Amazon servers in one location, files can be accessed from a variety of servers, by a variety of visitors, from multiple locations instantaneously.


Improving your site’s load speed will make your visitors much more satisfied and boost your search engine results.  It will also lighten the load of your Amazon S3 bandwidth usage, which will make hosting your site’s content much less expensive.  There really is no reason to not add a CDN to your S3 account unless your traffic is already low, at which point you may consider creating a more interesting site, or figure out a way to drive traffic.


About the Author:

Bryce Graven is from San Francisco, CA. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication & Journalism with an Electronic Media Production option.  He is well known in the Bay Area Music scene as a producer, engineer and vocalist.  Bryce’s passion for computer-recorded music has lead him into the tech industry, web design, graphics, digital video and marketing.


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