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Amazon Web Services – Amazon DevPay

April 29th, 2009 2 comments

Amazon DevPay

Amazon DevPay is an easy to use billing system for AWS developers. Build your cloud application, allow users to sign up and use your application and let Amazon bill them for you.

DevPay is “AWS-Aware” in that it ties into the billing of AWS services. Instead of a user having to sign up for AWS and be billed separately, you can add in the AWS costs to your costs and just bill the users directly.

DevPay is web based and uses Amazon Payments. The web interface allows you to register your application and set your pricing. You can then link to your own web site and your customers will be unaware that they are paying for Amazon services (unless you want them to know).

DevPay allows you to bill a one time charge, a recurring charge (subscription) and metered usage (bill by the hour and/or storage).

One of the nicest things about it is that you are somewhat protected from deadbeats. You won’t get any money back for usage of your product, but Amazon does not try to collect their money from you unless they are able to collect from the customer.


Amazon charges 3.0% of the amount you charge minus any metered usage. That means that if the user uses $1.50 of metered CPU and you bill them $5.00, Amazon will only charge you 3% of $3.50.

Amazon also charges $0.30 for each bill collected from a customer.

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