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Finally – An Amazon AWS Management Console

January 11th, 2009 Comments off

I’ve been waiting for and Amazon built AWS management console for a long time now.  Ironically, it couldn’t come at a worse time.  I’m just about finished my AWS Cloud Computing book and now I have to figure out how to work in the console.

Anyway, this is a great thing for new users.  There are so many tools out there now that experienced developers will take their time and pick a favorite.  However, for new users, it’s nice that Amazon is offering the basic experience from a trusted source (themselves).

I played with the console a little bit.  It has a nice, easy interface.  It seems a bit cluttered compared to elasticfox or cloud studio but for a pure html page, it has a decent look and feel.  Personally, to me, Amazon is not known for their design instincts.  Great technology, look and feel not so much.

The important thing is “can you do what you need to do?” Actually, you can.  In addition to a decent layout, all of the EC2 features you might be looking for are already there.  S3, cloudfront, etc are TBD but EC2 is pretty much complete.

A really nice thing is that since the console is tied to your account, there’s no need for cutting and pasting secret keys.  That drove me nuts as a newbie.  Once you get the hang of what the keys are and when you need them, it’s really not that bad.  Again, as I said above, new users will really appreciate this.

Now, I guess I’ll go figure out where in the book the console will live.  I have a chapter on the command line tools.  At first I was thinking I would drop that and replace it with the console but since the console doesn’t have S3 and SQS support yet, I guess I should add a new chapter.