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Windows 7 – LiveMesh Still Works

January 11th, 2009 Comments off

I upgraded to Windows 7 today.  All is well in the cloud.  My Live Mesh still works.  I use Live Mesh to keep all of my writings in synch.  I tend to move from machine to machine as my needs change and I like to always have the latest version of my docs available.  This way, I do.

Click on the thumbnail for a better view.

While I am happy that Live Mesh does work, I am disappointed that Microsoft chose to remove the quick launch toolbar.  That just sucks (although there is a hack to add it back).  I sent feedback that I really wanted my quick launch toolbar back.


MS Live Mesh – Remote Desktop Meets the Cloud

December 10th, 2008 Comments off

You might not think of remote desktop as a cloud tool but MS has added cloud storage to remote desktop and called it Live Mesh. I have been using it recently and it is pretty nice. I use VNC fairly extensively and, when I’m not using VNC, I tend to use SSH. Well, I heard about this Live Mesh thing and decided to download it and give it a try. It is currently a beta product but I haven’t had any issues.

My first thought on using it was that it was a clone of gotomypc. I’m not a user of gotomypc so I can’t say for sure but it looks that way. The big difference is that gotomypc doesn’t have a free version or online storage. I think the integration, storage and synchronization services are what make Mesh a unique tool.

Being an MS product, you might expect there is no Linux support. You would be right. There is MAC OS/X support though and Windows Mobile is on the way. I would be a lot more excited if they planned to support blackberry. But, it is still a great way to stay in touch with my desktop, laptop, work computer and the non-linux database servers in my lab.

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