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Open Cloud Manifesto – Do You Care?

March 30th, 2009 Comments off

I don’t.  Vendors will do what vendors have always done: sign up for the latest and greatest media attracting stunt and then do exactly what they want anyway.  We are way too early in the era of cloud computing for any kind of standards.  When you try to design standards you end up with the Ada programming language.  Technically accurate but totally ignored.

The best standards are best grown, over time and from real world experience.  In a few years, when experienced professionals start publishing best practices, then I will be interested.  Until then, it’s just so much open spew.

Other than that, it was a great way for a few bloggers and journalists to generate some web site hits.  The “manifestogate” and other silly postings about the “scandal” were self serving headline generators.  Some were amusing to read but none of them meant much.

If you are interested in reading the manifesto, the site is online now.  It’s at Open Cloud Manifest.

In defense of the manifesto, it does say that it is meant to be a conversation started, not an end result.  If nothing else, maybe this can finally be a definitive resource for the definition of a cloud.  The manifesto does a pretty good job of that.


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