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AWS and Google Cloud Status Dashboard

December 28th, 2008 Comments off

I ran across this cloud computing dashboard a few days ago. It’s a service from Hyperic, a company that sells monitoring and performance software.

The dashboard lets you view the general health of various AWS and GAE features.

You can drill in on the various services by clicking the available links. For example, you can get more details on EC2.

EC2 status is determined by how long it takes to start a small instance.

S3 also has additional information. A graph mode:

And a table mode:

There’s plenty of additional information for the other features of AWS and for the GAE features.

While the information does not tell you everything about YOUR usage, it is a nice tool for general use. You can sign up for a service from Hyperic that will let you monitor your instances. I plan to give the software a try and post my findings here.

You can also signup for twitter updates.

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