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Spending Other People’s Money

January 4th, 2009 Comments off

Amazon announced a nice new feature for S3. You can now let Amazon charge a third party for the storage they use on your account. The nice thing about this is that if you offer a storage service (say images or documents), you can provide your service and let Amazon bill them directly.

Bits For Sale – The New Amazon S3 Requester Pays Model

If you read the AWS blog entry, you’ll see that you can use this new feature in two ways: a special, signed request or via devpay. I think the devpay model would probably be the better way to go for an ongoing service while the signed request might be good for one off requests.

Content owners charge a markup for access to the data. The price can include a monthly fee, a markup on the data transfer costs, and a markup on the cost of each GET.

Jeff even provides a little example:

For example, I could create a database of all dog kennels in the United States, and make it available for $20 per month, with no charge for access. My AWS account would be charged for the data transfer and request charges.

Very nice. Jeff says that the latest S3 Developer Guide and latest DevPay Developer Guide have both been updated to cover the new feature.


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