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When the cloud isn’t right for you

March 6th, 2013 Comments off

When the cloud isn’t right for you

The Cloud is many things to many people. But when businesses talk about using the cloud, usually they are referring to Infrastructure as a Service. That’s where they are purchasing bare server, storage and network services from a Cloud Supplier such as Amazon, Rackspace or Memset. And cloud computing as an Infrastructure as a Service has brought massive benefits to start-up businesses and more established businesses alike.

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A few years ago News International, publisher of The Times and The Sun amongst other titles and outlets, looked to meet its customer demand for digital content quickly and effectively in a competitive environment; a market place that is evolving quickly. Amazon Web Services enabled them to achieve this with a reduction in capital expenditure compared to traditional methods of purchasing the infrastructure in-house. Titles were rapidly deployed across all digital platforms allowing the business to focus on creation of digital content rather than the associated infrastructure deployment and management. As demand for their digital content fluctuates on a minute to minute basis the ability to upscale and downscale the number of server instances they have running is a massive commercial advantage.

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